Welcome to Rhythm 'N' Boots

We are a family-oriented Country Night Club located  in Historic Old-Town Humboldt, where folks can socialize with friends, enjoy a Potluck dinner, and DANCE Every Saturday Night!

We offer PRIVATE DANCE LESSONS on weekdays by appointment and
LINE DANCE LESSONS on Wednesday night from 6:00 to 7:30
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            We Celebrate
   Traditional Country  

Come join Karen & Glen every Saturday night for some really GREAT music and dancing in the Historic Old Town section of Humboldt, Arizona! Glen actually does play your requests!

        12890 E Main St, Humboldt, AZ  

  Saturday Dance

Rhythm 'N' Boots holds a public dance every Saturday Night. We play your requests and a great mix of dance music from 7:00-10:00 pm. DJ Glen interacts with the crowd by leading line dances, demonstrating couples dances, and dancing with patrons. Glen teaches a free lesson just prior to the dance, from 6-7:00 pm. Those who want to, may bring a food dish or snack tray to share at the Cowboy Potluck and you may bring your own beverages. Admission is $5/person. All ages are welcome.

  Private Dance Lessons

Nationally certified Instructor Glen Blomgren teaches  private dance lessons Monday through Saturday  by appointment. This is the quickest and best way to learn new dances or to polish up your skills with the full attention of the instructor. The one-hour sessions are packed with one-on-one instruction, practice, and practical tips to help you become a great dancer!  

Wednesday Line Dance Lesson

Ann Marie and Barbara rotate weeks teaching  Line Dance Lessons on Wednesday Nights from 6-7:30. Learn the latest moves from these expert ladies.  Lesson fee: $5/person


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